nVent RAYCHEM ICESTOP GM self-regulating trace heating cables


Self-regulating heating cables for roof & gutter snow melting and de-icing

The IceStop GM systems are suitable for slate, shingle, tar, bitumen, wood, metal and plastic roofing materials and for all standard materials of gutters and drainpipes.

Key benefits:

  • Easy installation
    • cut-to-length
    • metre marks
    • RayClic connections
    • Also available in Pre-terminated Kit
  • Safe:
    • no hot spots
    • better temperature control
  • The right cable for each situation:
    • GM-2XT for bitumen roofs
    • GM-2X for less demanding applications

Further energy savings can be achieved through the EMDR-10 control systems.

Műszaki specifikáció

Nominal Power output36 W/m @ 0°C in ice water) 18 W/m in air @ 0°C36 W/m @ 0°C in ice water) 18 W/m in air @ 0°C
Nominal voltage230 VAC230 VAC
Maximum circuit length80 m80 m
Circuit breaker sizeType C; Max 20AType C; Max 20A
Minimum Installation Temperature–18°C–18°C
Maximum exposure temperature65°C continuously power on (85°C intermittent)65°C continuously power on (85°C intermittent)
Approvals / CertificationsVDE Reg. Nr. 1885 SEMKO CEVDE Reg. Nr. 1885 SEMKO CE
Compatible componentsRAYCHEM RayClic or heat shrink connection kits must be used with GM2-X(T) heating cables.
Connection and Protection