nVent RAYCHEM ArcticStep


The nVent RAYCHEM ArcticStep is a modular panel system for anti-icing or de-icing of walkways and deck surfaces on offshore platforms and vessels. It is designed for use in hazardous area installations in oil & gas and marine industries.

Main benefits:
  1. Energy Efficient

    The ArcticStep consists of a robust metallic top plate, a nVent RAYCHEM self-regulating heating cable, a conductive compound and fiber reinforced polymer supports. Its hybrid structure ensures thermal insulation from the deck and sends the exact amount of heat where it is most needed: UP!

  2. Light-weight and easy to install

    The ArcticStep is a light-weight system that comes in different sizes and power versions to suit your application. It is attached to the deck with adjustable fixations, allows for fast and easy installation and can be replaced in no time.

  3. Safe and reliable

    Durable anti-slip coating, galvanic isolation from the deck, integrated power cable channels for protection against mechanical damage and more... The ArcticStep is designed for long life operation in harsh corrosive environments. It is compliant with the latest international offshore standards and has DNV-GL approval .

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